Useful information

Household waste collection

The collection of household waste occurs every working monday (if it is a bank holiday, the collection occurs on tuesday). A bin bag sales (cost price) is organized by the town, once, at the beginning of every year.

SIDEFAGE containers are located on the parking of the municipal garages for selective sorting – cardboard, glass and plastic bottles.


Schedule for the collection of bulky items

The town provides a dumpster for bulky items, during the last week-ends of April to October.
Thank you not put anything off if the bucket is full.


Recycling centre

Reminder : Only backfill – inert material – is allowed at the former landfill site. For other materials, the town’s inhabitants have access to the recycling centre of VEYZIAT.

Address Déchetterie de VEYZIAT
route de Thoirette
Phone number
Hours the change betwenn summer and winter occurs at the same time as the time change
Summer monday to sunday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Evening monday to sunday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Closures January 1st, May 1st, July 14th, August 15th, November 1st, December 31st, 23rd and 24th

Drinking water system

The supply of drinking water comes within the competency of the town. An annual reading of water meters is done by the town which handles the billing.
The SAUR group, mandated by the federation of the Haut-Bugey municipalities (CCHB), manages the processing of drinking water and sewage.


In case you move in or out of the town, do not forget to write your reading of your water meter, and please leave your contact details at the secretary’s office for the bill.