Useful contact information

Emergency numbers

Fire service  : 18

Commanding officer Cédric ROUSSILLON

Paramedics : 15

Police or emergencies : 17


The school

Headteacher : Cécile TOURNIER

The town’s primary school is located inside Town hall, downstairs (route de la fauconnière, 01130 Belleydoux).

Phone number :


Lesson hours :

Morning Afternoon
Monday 8.45-11.45 am 13.30-15.45 pm
Tuesday 8.45-11.45 am 13.30-15.45 pm
Wednesday 8.45-11.45 am
Thursday 8.45-11.45 am 13.30-15.45 pm
Friday 8.45-11.45 am 13.30-15.45 pm

the students are welcomed to class every morning from 8.35 and in the schoolyard every afternoon (if the weather makes it possible) from 1.20.

Child-care is provided in the afternoon from 3.45 to 4.30 pm. Please contact the secretary’s office for more information.


Associations of Belleydoux

Youth club

Association Sou des écoles

Fireman’s association

Club de la Fauconnière